Corona test directly at the IRIS Charter Base

Travel home safely with an official test result!

Dear Sailor,

Mallorca has enjoyed a consistently low incidencefor over two months now, currently at 25. Until now, the obligatory Covid test for the journey home was detrimental to the sailing pleasure, often ending the last day of sailing in the test centre. From now on, your crew has the opportunity to take the mandatory antigen test for the journey home directly at the check-out in our charter base. Simply register online with our partner, the Centro Médico Alemán, and take an antigen test directly after docking on Friday afternoon. Easy - time-saving - reliable ... and in the fresh air - without waiting in a confined space with other people wanting to test.

Safe sailing around Mallorca!

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about sailing around Mallorca and the current regulations.

Your IRIS Yachtcharter Team