Covid Norms on Mallorca

Dear Sailor,


The government of the Balearic Islands is always concerned with the highest possible level of safety, especially in Corona times, which is reflected in the low incidence rate on the islands . Currently, however, sailing crews are almost unaffected by restrictions - apart from wearing masks in public buildings. Everything crews need (provisions, restaurants, marinas, beaches ...) is fully available and thanks to the good Corona location, life here feels much more carefree than in many other European countries. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a carefree sailing trip and holiday pleasure. Here is an overview of regulations and FAQs relevant to sailing:

Sailing is possible without restrictions.

Since the end of June, a relaxed mask obligation has been in force on Mallorca, which means that you must always have a mask with you, but you do not have to wear it outdoors if a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained. In public indoor spaces such as shops or means of transport, wearing masks is still compulsory. Violations can be expensive with fines of up to 100 euros.

There is no curfew on Mallorca. For cruises to Ibiza, please note that between 2am and 6am you may only be out with members of your own household.

Provision shopping
A mask must be worn in shops. There are no other restrictions for customers. Shopping is possible until midnight at the most, but the sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted between 9.30 pm and 8 am. Alternatively, crews can of course still have their purchases delivered on board .

Beaches may be accessed until midnight, but botellones (drinking parties) are prohibited. A minimum distance of 2 metres from other people and groups applies.

Restaurants, bars and clubs
What would a cruise be without enjoying Mallorcan delicacies or the final evening with the whole crew! The good news is that there is virtually nothing to prevent this on Mallorca. No proof of vaccination is required for restaurants and bars! Restaurants and bars are allowed to open until 2 a.m. at the latest and up to 12 people can sit in exterior areas, i.e. a complete crew, may sit at a table outside and a maximum of 8 people inside (i.e. still the crew of a 3-4 cabin yacht ūüėČ).

You can also sit at the bar again, but smokers still have to leave the area of their table.

You can also sit at the bar again, but smokers still have to leave the area of their table. Bars and so-called concert-cafés are also allowed to open until 2am. Discos, however, are still closed and no dancing is allowed. Drinking parties at night are also prohibited, which is consistently controlled by the police.

A good selection of hotels for a few days shore leave before or after the cruise is easy to find on Mallorca. There are no restrictions worth mentioning (masks are compulsory indoors) for hotel guests. Wellness is also possible.

Public transport
Buses and trains run at 100 per cent capacity. Passengers must wear masks.

Smoking is allowed with a minimum distance of two meters.

Do you have any further questions? Then simply contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Your IRIS Yachtcharter Team